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As tools like dynamo allow more users develop their own tools for Revit,
it also increases the need for good documentation and learning resources for the Revit API.

The official API documentation is fairly comprehensive (although it’s short on examples)
but the Developer’s Guide, articles on The Building Coder Blog, and others,  help fill in the gaps.

But as I tried to learn the API, it always seemed to me the official API documentation should be more accessible:
web-based, easier to find, and easier to use (ie:, Django’s Documentation, and many of the docs on

Let’s say you want to take a look at the 2016 Revit API Documentation.

Here is what you have to do:
1. Download the full, 250MB SDK from the Autodesk Developer Network
2. Install the SDK
3. Use the built in Microsoft Compiled HTML Help viewer – which looks like it hasn’t been updated in over a decade – to browse the .chm help file.

The .chm file also has a several disadvantages:
– It does not consolidate all releases: need to check the 2017 documentation? Go back to step one above.
– It’s not very portable: using another computer? Go back to step one.
– It’s not web-based: if you are searching for an API call on google, it’s documentation should be among the most relevant results.
– It’s not “social”: the comments section of websites like the The Building Coder is often where the answer is.

The solution? implemented something similar to what I had in mind, but it has not been updated since the 2014 API.

Since this seemed like a great project to practice more python, I decide to build my own version of it from scratch:

Built in search tool is not working as of yet since Google has not indexed it, but hopefully I will sort this out soon.
Want to help? Report Issues or contribute to the project on Github.


Other Revit API Resources

Building Coder Blog
Revit API Forum
– Dynamo Forum
 Revit Developer’s Guide
 Autodesk Developer’s Network
 Dynamo Primer
Stack Overflow: revit-api

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