Revit API Docs 2.0

New features and improvements are coming soon to Revit API Docs.
With the need to add 2017.1, I decided do to restructure a few things to make it more maintainable, as well as to add a few new features.

Here are some of the improvements and fixes:

–  2017.1 added
– New parsers written from the ground up. This creates cleaner and more consistent html markups from the original CHM content.
– Content was compared across years, and when identical, only one copy is being stored and served (storing only 25k html files vs +80k, previously).
– Smarter nav-bar now also indicates if the doc was updated/removed across years. For example.
– Result Filtering: Search result page now has a text box user can use to further filter results. Try it out
Python Examples: Adds python snippets if one is found [beta].
– Ajax Loading: when possible, content is loaded asynchronously, for a more seamless navigation..
– Language switcher: allows user to only see code from the selected language.
– Copy Code: Examples now have a “Copy” button which copies to the clipboard.
– Implemented Handlebars JS templating engine for more maintainable front-end code.
– All api documentation pages are now fully editable; just click “edit” on the upper-right corner, to edit and send a pull-request
– Many other bugs and behind the scenes improvements.

These updates are currently available on live on and will be pushed to the main server once it’s a been battle tested.
Please report any issues or bugs on the 2.0 milestone

Analysis of Change across Years



Old versus New html content
Nav Bar Status



Language Selector
Search Result Filtering



Copy Code to Clipboard


Ajax Loading
Python Snippets
2017-02-27 02_48_15-OfClass Method

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