Python Client Wrapper for Airtable

Airtable is one of the most amazing tools I have discovered in the past year. It is the perfect marriage between excel and a relational database, with an intuitive and enjoyable interface.

These days I use Airtable for variety of uses, including: Personal Task Management, Project Management, Inventory Management, and as a light weight database.

If that wasn’t good enough, Airtable also has an API that can be used to read and create records. Their API Documentation is available here:
The bad news is that as of the time of this writing, the Meta API which allows Schema access, has not been made publicly available.

To help make the Airtable API easier to use in my python projects, I have put together this Airtable Python Wrapper. The package can be installed using pip install airtable-python-wrapper , and is fully documented on

PS: If you don’t have an Airtable account yet, you can sign up using this link, which will give me a few referral credits.

2017-09-28 10_09_14-gtalarico_airtable-python-wrapper_ Python Airtable Client Wrapper














Airtable Logo


Airtable Project Tracker

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